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They grew up with playing video games, or in the yard, and even trips to the park with each other's family. Steve reassured him, "it's okay," as he nodded toward Alan.

But once middle school came, the two of them started to hang out with different groups of friends. "No, really," Todd continued with his strange behavior, "I need to talk to you in private." Steve nodded for Todd to follow him over by the wall.

I had packed some tight undershorts and made sure that I had them on most of the time to try and tame the 8" monster with a mind of its own.

The last couple of days of camp we had a lot of water activities and I was all out of my tight undies.

Most of them wore modest shorts and long t-shirts but there was this one young t16 year old, Lacey, who mostly had daisy dukes, and short tight Ts.

I knew it was inappropriate for a male counselor to lust after the young girls, but I couldn't stop the feelings that swelled up inside of me, or the swelling in my shorts for that matter.

She placed her hands on my outer thighs and moved them around behind me and grabbed my ass. "Shhh, I want to be naughty, and by the feel of things you do too.

She then moved her right hand around to unzip my shorts.

I took notice of how the sweat would bead on their tan bodies as they played their activities.It was the summer of 1999 and I was a camp counselor at a local Y club.This particular summer we had a lot more girls signed up than boys.I gently placed the tip of my tongue on her clit and swirled it around. "Uh, oh god" she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. " "Yes, yes, keep going, I want you all the way in. I was afraid somebody would hear her so I leaned over and kissed her. After she set up and sucked my cock clean of both of our juices, she leaned over and nibbled on my ear. I really not on the pill."I never saw Lacey again after that summer, but I will never forget that night.I want you to take my virginity." I pulled out slightly, and then inched my way in a little more. I began to pum in and out and after a while she begin to feel the pleasure of sex and was getting into a rhythm. I could feel her muscles tighten up around my cock. The end This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.She then straddled my right leg and began to grind up and down.


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