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At the gate area for Austrian Airlines, the siblings were pulled aside and questioned by U. Customs officials, who then passed them over to the FBI.By that evening, Hamzah was put under arrest and charged with "knowingly attempting to provide material support and resources" to a foreign terrorist organization in the form of personnel — namely, himself.During that time, they'd secretly acquired passports, visas and, in just the past week, three airplane tickets to Istanbul, totaling more than ,600, purchased with money Hamzah had saved from his job at a home-supply store.Once in Turkey, the plan was to make their way, by bus, from Istanbul to the city of Adana, a trip of some 12 hours."By the time you are reading this, we could be captured, or stranded, or possibly even killed," she added.

"I cannot live under a law in which I am afraid to speak my beliefs."His 16-year-old brother, Tarek*, took a more strident tone.If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison, and possibly more if other charges are added.Hamzah's prosecution comes at a time when countering the lure of groups like ISIS has become one of Washington's top priorities.By sunset, he'd be gone for good: leaving his parents, his friends, his country and all he knew for an unknown future in the "blessed land of Shaam," as he called Syria.He would be taking his teenage brother and sister with him.Inside Baghdad's Brutal Battle Against ISIS As the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria beats a bloody path to the gates of the capital, the hard men of the city are fighting back with their own reign of terror .


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