Help with dating

The guys who seek me out tend to range from the ones who solicit nude photos upon first message (come on, really?) or l'homme fatale types (psychopaths, egomaniacs, good guys gone bad).Sometimes you just need that push, encouragement and accountability to reach the best you.'I could have used those words to describe my favourite teacher from school.

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But the first thing he told me as we sat down for a drink was that he was recovering from a recently ended marriage. I'm recalling this dating disaster a few days later to Lee-Anne Galloway, a Toronto-based dating coach who refers to herself as a 'dateologist' and is now questioning me about my romantic history.

Like so many of my friends, I lead a highly managed life and I love bespoke services.

I have a personal trainer who makes me do squats until I beg him for mercy and I have a therapist to sort out issues with work and family life.

I like to put my life in the hands of experts; I like help and personalised attention.

But when Lee-Anne asks me what exactly I'm looking for, I stumble.


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