Here he needs to ensure that he has sufficient ‘Hearts’ (web site credit) in his account to cover the cost of any HEAVENLY HEARTS web site service he wishes to purchase or use e.g. Once a client has ensured that he has a sufficient amount of ‘Hearts’ attached to his account, he can then start using the Lady Live Chat Service to contact ladies.

In order to start a New Chat Session with a Lady, an upgraded Member needs to go to a HH web site lady’s Personal Profile Page and click the [CHAT WITH ME] button.

Training, management for student to fill form and mail it back wave had pushed.

In order to type-chat with a lady, a client must use the provided Chat window to type messages or send Smilies; which are immediately sent to the lady.New Release Ladies Gallery Subscribers can chat to ladies from HEAVENLY HEARTS’ New Release Ladies Gallery only (this excludes all General Galleries).4-Star Members can chat to ladies from all HEAVENLY HEARTS Galleries.HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Lady Live Chat Service is available to all actively upgraded Members of HEAVENLY HEARTS i.e.all Members who have purchased and have active HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership for any of the following: 2-Star Membership: 3-Star Membership: 4-Star Membership: or our New Release Ladies Gallery Subscription.Such modifications shall be in effect at the time the modifications are posted to the website. also reserves the right at any time to change the fees or charges associated with using the Service and to make changes to the site, including removing and modifying site content and discontinuing any feature of the site.


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