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There is no known cure for MS, but learning to deal with stress and emotions in a healthy manner can help limit the symptoms and allow patients to live more normal lives. Gabor Maté dives into the stress-disease connection.

City strategic initiatives drive policy creation and implementation for every city, including Austin.

The City of Austin has been on the forefront of opening up their data to the community to create relevant and meaningful plans for the city’s future.

When the city approached us at Galvanize, we couldn’t wait to galvanize our community to […]Cyber Monday has come and gone, but we have you covered with both our member companies and portfolio companies for your tech shopping!

The study found people who maintained a positive attitude even in the face of stressful situations showed fewer signs of chronic inflammation.

“Positive emotions, and how they can help people in the event of stress, have really been overlooked,” Nancy Sin, a postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University, said to the .


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