Is divine dating a scam

As soon as she asked "Patrick" to tell her his middle name, they hung up. It's very frustrating but I don't know what to do to block them. If anyone knows how to block an email please help me. As a professional in the aging network and working in adult protective services it is really important that if people receive such calls they contact their local law enforcement agency and also the state consumer protection bureau. All FTC information is free and in the public domain, so you can copy & paste it right into your own social media posts, or add links from our blogs into your blog or emails. We have just made it easier for the con artiest to get the money.Those agencies can send out alerts to the media to remind people, "Don't fall for this". We have made it so easy with social media and online banking.

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It's the same principle that keeps fortune tellers going. As far as we know, the scammers call phone numbers at random.She knew this scam — someone pretends to be a friend or family member in need of money for bail, a medical emergency, or other trouble. Call your loved one using a phone number you know is theirs, or call another family member. By talking about this scam, you can help someone else avoid it. The best defense for me against these really irritating imposters is to just let the answering machine pick it up.Nevertheless, these calls are capable of interrupting your entire long sometimes.Another aspect is that the scammers think elderly people are too senile to even remember their grandchildren. When he said, "he'd get mad", I knew something wrong. They don't distinguish between landlines and cell phones. You can order free print fact sheets to hand out or leave out in the common areas at the Senior Center. My father-in-law was on his way to get a prepaid card when my mother-in-law called to tell us what happened.A third is that a lot of seniors are lonely because they don't get to see their families and grandchildren that often, and they're flattered that a "grandchild" called, even if it is in search of money. Our bulkorder website has a collection of fact sheets and bookmarks on topics of interest to older adults -- IRS imposters, grandparent scams, identity theft, fake computer help and more. Luckily, my husband was able to get ahold of his father on his cell and tell him it was a scam before any money changed hands. However why do you not put more on about the dating scams on the dating sites and Facebook?I too don't answer calls I or my phone doesn't recognize the number.


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