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The most important monument in Ancient Corinth, the imposing Doric Temple of Apollo lies on a low hill and dominates the site.

The temple was built around 540 BC, on the site of an earlier seventh-century-BC temple.

The site where Ancient Corinth once stood has been excavated by archaeologists from the American School in Athens since 1896.

The extensive remains, mostly dating from the Roman period, are dominated by the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

The main attractions are Neolithic finds, typical Corinthian pottery and ceramics, mosaic floors, and numerous headless marble statues (the ancients would simply remove the head of a deceased leader from a statue, and replace it with the new leader's head). The entrance ticket to the site is also valid for the museum.

Acrocorinth (Akrokórinthos) lies 3.5 kilometers south of Ancient Corinth.

A powerful earthquake destroyed the old town of Corinth in 1858, which was rebuilt to a new plan on the coast overlooking the Gulf of Corinth, seven kilometers northeast of the ancient city.

However, the new town had to be rebuilt yet again following another earthquake in 1928 and a great fire in 1933.

Built in 1931-32 and extended in the 1950s, the museum has three display rooms and a large courtyard.

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However, it was only completed during the period 1882-1893, after modern Greece gained independence.

Involving an excavation up to 80 meters in depth, the canal is 6.3 kilometers long, 23 meters wide, and eight meters deep, and can take vessels of up to 10,000 tons.


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