Restore your ipod without updating

At the height of its popularity, the i Pod made up almost 50% of Apple's revenue.Now that the smartphones and tablets we use every day have the ability to store and play music, the i Pod's glory days are over.Today I’ll be briefly discussing a couple of simple option for you to restore i Phone in recovery mode with i Tunes, as well as restore i Phone without i Tunes.The first option is to use i Tunes to restore an i Phone in recovery mode.

You can also perform software updates and backups over Wi-Fi, whereas older i Pods and i Pod touches still need a wired connection to i Tunes.

Think to yourself when the last time you backed up your phone was.

All the data since then will be lost through that method.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have no clue how to restore i Phone in recovery mode.

A wide range of issues could possibly cause an i Phone to go into recovery mode.


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