Updating psps

bla, bla, bla…sony says they won't sell umd burnables, but again, look around, they can be found and will.” so i guess you will be one of the two individuals purchasing mp3's and movies on sony's umd format? i seriously doubt they will ever release burnable umd's. not to mention the fact that third parties would cry foul. since you already have your 32mb one with your psp, just save games on that and other things on your 512mb stick.

here is a link so you can purchase your memory card from sony, pockets. – by assassination forcei was skeptical about the psp as well because about all the defects in japan people were getting.

now sony says they won't sell umd burnables, but again, look around, they can be found and will. couldnt they put full 32 or 64 mbytes chip on there. – by blalba the more memory the more power consumption, psp is already 2.5 hours max stock batt., with that much ram your psp would die in less than an hour.however, i agree, slap more ram in that sucker!

they need to research better batteries for these looks as though sony was a bit nervous about the nintendo ds' touch screen ability, since for the cost of a software package the ds can be turned into a very inexpensive pda.

– by cheez mastah i would feel uncertain that i bought a ds when the psp is might be better now!!! – by billygoatthe battery life will be drained so quickly.

so when you want to play game, well you can't really play it.

also about the memory sticks just buy the stinkin 1 gb one and that's all you need prob. you can save games on it and just put all your fav.

i am definitely looking forward to the upcoming price/capabilities war between sony and nintendo and strongly encourage microsoft to enter the market with thier own hardware (xbox mobile, or xboy maybe).

– by mobile gamermy only problem with this thing is where th f*ck are the games?

who cares if it would cost them for each console. couldnt they put full 32 or 64 mbytes chip on there. – by blalba i have an empyu lcd dot on the nintendo ds -by ikumalof it's actually called a dead pixel.

everyone seems to forget or ignore the fact the without a decent sized memory card(128 mb ) the psp's movie/mp3 usage is practically useless – by raven you are wrong.


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