Koena mitra dating

By 2002 year, Koena participated in a beauty pageant competition and won it.Mitra debuted in her first film called “Road” which came in 2004 year. Apart from her acting career, Koena Mitra also appear in several music video and have been on number of magazine's cover.

However, the order was passed without Mitra defending the allegations made against her as she failed to appear in court despite being summoned several times.However, all the cheques bounced and Sethi sent legal notices to Mitra and filed a complaint at Oshiwara police simultaneously.Sethi told the court that in December 2013 Mitra had, in fact, admitted her liability in a letter written to her, however despite repeated requests Mitra failed to pay her, she said.After winning this competition, Koena participated in Miss International Later on she also became the first runner up of Miss Intercontinental.This open a big door for her in media and Bollywood.The only other photo released so far has Koena and another woman in what looks to be an embrace, so obviously her sexuality is at the forefront of the story.


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