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To not want to have “his kind” of sex means I’m frigid.

The women in pornography have seen it all and done it all. I felt that I needed to fulfill or at least try anything he asked of me in order for him not to use porn.

It is because of these unrealistic expectations I placed on our relationship that I chased after these lies and accepted them as a reality in my life. Therefore, if I try making our life all about my husband and leave my needs at the door he won’t need pornography anymore. on a weeknight to play a sport I knew or cared nothing about.

My husband never verbalized of this, it was purely my own insecurity that led me to believe that if I could only change in some way, I could maintain control of the outcome…this was the ultimate lie. The women in pornography, on the other hand, don’t require anything of the participant. Our life revolved around him and his needs, which in turn gave me a false sense of security. There are no additions or subtractions to the man’s request.

When they shoot for the big companies, they are constantly traveling, living out of hotel rooms, feature dancing and doing events from city to city, shooting videos and pictures for hours at a time and so much more...:)Platinum Bonus: 1on1 Private Webcam Shows with Me EVERY month we get to have fun together privately in our own 1on1 Webcam show!!Before I start, I want to be very clear as to why I believed these lies.and I'm happy to say, it was nothing like i was different and better than any site i have ever seen or come across.I started realizing that I was just a normal woman who would be too flat, too fat, too old, or too average to compete with the likes of Internet porn.


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