Dating site poly couples

"Monogamy is absolutely an expectation," says Heather Brooks Rensmith, LCSW, a therapist who focuses on couples and sexuality.

"Usually, no one even bothers to have a discussion.

"I spent some time swiping and reported back: "Nothing much."Then came the Craigslist ad.

His glowing face assured me it was all good so I let my legs splay.Not long after we married, my husband Chris sent me a stranger's dick pic from a Craigslist ad.It was the escalation of a conversation that began when we met.It's a default setting." My discussion with Chris took us to the edge of a socially approved sexual safety zone.If we stepped across that line, would people think we love each other less? Monogamy is a security blanket, however threadbare.From rom-coms to wedding vows, monogamy is a cultural litmus for a committed relationship.


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