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The guitar is a lead instrument, just like vocals and our ears are designed to focus on the middle range because that’s where the frequencies of our speech lies.

Parts shopping in Asia "The Sound of Distortion" presentation from ETF.04 High-Gm driver pentode test data Ixys current regulator as a CCS plate load CAD programs for the DIY'er A lifetime electronics geek, I got a ham radio license at the age of 8 and a first-class commercial radio license at 14.These are the HA-1 and HA-2 tube headphone amps, which I designed a long time ago: I've put some info from the old Wheatfield Audio web site here that might be useful, especially if you own an HA-1 or HA-2.Most of us, when we try to describe our favourite guitar tone, use words like smooth, warm, creamy and sustain, but it’s not always that easy to achieve that tone and we even have a tendency to dismiss great sounding equipment simply because we don’t use it right.Some files have compressed images that may not work correctly with older versions of Acrobat reader.A PL177 single-ended amplifier "La Luxuriante" stereo R120 SE amp "Fatboy", a low-distortion zero-feedback push-pull 300B amp A compactron triple-triode driver for push-pull amps "Mr.I owned and operated Wheatfield Audio, which made tube headphone amps (but no money! I also have written articles for Audio Xpress magazine (formerly Glass Audio) on occasion.


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