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She was described as a “one-woman Wikileaks” by Politico and her blog sometimes achieved a larger readership than all the other newspapers in Malta combined.The death was described as a “political murder” by opposition leader Adrian Delia.This is the silent witness to the faith of Montrealers who rebuilt a chapel when it seemed impossible., the first teacher and founder of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame.After the fall of Montreal six years later, the British garrison included Irish and Scottish families who attended services at Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours.

It is a consequence of the total collapse of the rule of law which has been going on for the past four years.

Malta ranks 47th on the organisation’s World Press Freedom Index – above Japan, Italy and Israel.

RSF noted Galizia’s bank account was frozen following her revelations about alleged government corruption.

Along with the chapel, the little statue has an interesting history.

Possibly the most spectacular moment for both was that fateful day in 1754 when fire ravaged the first chapel, and the statue and its reliquary were found intact among the smoldering embers.


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